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We are supporters of canines4conservation on facebook. They are an organization dedicated to working with the U.S. Dept. of Interior and VA. Dept. of Forestry in saving varied endangered species of nature. We encourage you to take a view of their work.


Dog Pulling Harnesses

Leather and Nylon Dog Pulling Harnesses

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            Thank You for visiting Awesomecollies.com. We are a family owned kennel where we believe our “Animals are brought from the Heart”. Here in Benson, North Carolina we only breed registered Border Collies and registered German Rottweilers where there is plenty of room to love, work, and play. We love our family members and breed them responsibly providing them all the luxuries a dog could hope for and where they are treated and trained exceptionally well. We only breed our dogs once a year to year and a half in order to protect the health of our dogs and yours. Here you will find why we chose these breeds, how we use our dogs, our plans for their future, our care, and the different kennel clubs we use.

             We chose both the Border Collie and the German Rottweiler because they are useful, loyal, working dogs. The Border Collie is an energetic, attentive, and highly intelligent dog. We use them as herders, daytime livestock guardians, watchdogs, companions, and service for disabilities. They can be extremely playful and are content with constant work, it’s all play to them.  When we have litters, we socialize and play with the puppies because we know this is where they will be given the most attention in life. We also know the importance of imprinting the puppy in it’s early stages and the success it provides the future owner. Our oldest Border Collie is a licensed service dog that has been trained by us and has been proven extremely useful.

               We have invested in college level schooling that will allow us to be more adept to train more for service capabilities and perhaps even some for herding trials for work and fun. We offer Obedience training and other training to new owners to provide success in the new home.

               Our German Rottweiler’s are our gentle giants with a purpose.When needed they instinctively protect their family, home, and property. We use them in the home and when traveling as protectors and find them constant loyal and loving companions.  They only respond to German commands and we did this to clarify the command and not to confuse our Border Collies. Working with these loyal companions has led us to train our dogs in the art of Tracking and Obedience in order to complete SARS training in the near future. We believe a dog should have useful purpose in their life and ours. We honestly believe this keeps our loved ones healthy and happy.

               We breed our dogs because they have a strong lineage, there are many generations without any severe health issues, and we want people to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with investing in a registered full-blooded dog that ultimately becomes a loved family member for years. We love our dogs, spend a great deal of time with them, and want people to experience the same enjoyment as we have done for many years now.

            We use four different kennel clubs for varied reasons. The ABCA recognizes only the working Border Collie and sets the standard above the rest. The ACA is used for our service dog although she is registered by the state. The CKC is growing in popularity and doesn’t discriminate because of what other clubs consider ideal show standards such as an acceptable eye color or specific measurements; for example. Finally, the AKC is used for the individual who might be interested in mainstream competitions and trophies. The overall reason for a registered dog is the reassurance for the future owner and knowledge of what to expect from the breed. The differing kennel club’s purposes and agendas are sometimes contrary in what they expect from each of the bloodlines. We want to optimize the registration for the future owner.

           We offer our Border Collies and German Rottweilers because we love our dogs and the breeds. All of our dogs are on heartworm prevention, flea prevention, vaccinated regularly, and are only fed food with a well balanced diet of protein, fat, and dairy. We don’t believe in breeding repetitively and are concerned for the new owner as well as our dog’s health. This is why we believe our “Animals are brought from the Heart”. We want you to be more than happy with your choice of our Border Collie or German Rottweiler and sincerely want to Thank You for visiting our website.




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Water-Proof Dog Leads

Nylon Water-Proof Leads are essential in any environment

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Advanced Training in Service, SARS, and Conservation

We are expanding our services to include training our dogs as well as surrendered/shelter dogs for work and obedience. Look for our upcoming sister site dedicated to this venture.

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