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Dog Pulling Harnesses

Leather and Nylon Dog Pulling Harnesses

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Valarie L. Choate
140 Godwin Lake Rd.
Benson, N.C. 27504
(919) 438-2373


        This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health, to the best of my knowledge, at time of sale. This puppy is current on vaccines against the following:Distemper, Hepatitus, Para-influenza, Parvo Virus, Carona Virus and has been Dewormed.
The buyer has the option to take the puppy to the veterinarian of his/her choice and have the puppy examined at their own cost. If there is anything seriously wrong with the puppy, the puppy may be returned for a similar puppy if or when available. This must be done within 48hours of the date of purchase and documentation from the veterinarian must be presented as proof of illness.

The seller assumes no responsibility for this puppy after leaving sellers possession due to: Medical, Mortality, Landlord, Family, Allergy, or any other reason for the purpose of a refund. The seller cannot guarantee the Color or Size of the puppy.

           The buyer understands at any point during the dog’s life, the owner may return the dog to the Breeder only with the Breeder’s permission. The purpose is that the Breeder does not wish for the dog to reside in a shelter or organization that does not understand the breed of dog and may inadvertently sell the dog to an unsuspecting owner. Ownership will immediately revert back the Breeder unless otherwise contracted. There will be no refund at any time.

At no time will the Seller prohibit the future breeding of the puppies sold to the Buyer.






SEX______________ COLOR___________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH_________________________

PURCHASE PRICE_____________PAID IN FULL____DEPOSIT_________________

BALANCE DUE AND DUE DATE__________   ______________________________

All payments are to be made either in CASH OR MONEY ORDER, NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. All Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and buyer has 14 days to pay balance in full. The puppy is to remain with seller until full purchase price is paid
by the buyer. At that time puppy will be placed for resale unless seller decides otherwise. All of this contract is binding and non-negotiatable.

The buyer has read and understands fully, the conditions above and agrees that this is a registered puppy and has been given the application for registration at time of purchase. The buyer further understands that it is his/her responsibility to mail the registration form provided to him/her by the seller to the kennel club listed on the form including all fees depending on his/her type of registration preferences. ABCA registrations will be supplied by the Seller.


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Buyer’s e-mail address (optional)__________________________________


DATE OF BUYER SIGNATURE:____________________________________


PRINT NAME OF SELLER:_________________________________________


 SIGNATURE OF SELLER:__________________________________________


DATE OF SELLER SIGNATURE:_____________________________________





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Water-Proof Dog Leads

Nylon Water-Proof Leads are essential in any environment

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Advanced Training in Service, SARS, and Conservation

We are expanding our services to include training our dogs as well as surrendered/shelter dogs for work and obedience. Look for our upcoming sister site dedicated to this venture.

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