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We are supporters of canines4conservation on facebook. They are an organization dedicated to working with the U.S. Dept. of Interior and VA. Dept. of Forestry in saving varied endangered species of nature. We encourage you to take a view of their work.


Dog Pulling Harnesses

Leather and Nylon Dog Pulling Harnesses

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      Thank You for visiting Awesomecollies.com. We devoted this section for our new pet owners and others who could use this information to help with their purchase and training of the new family member. There is a great deal of information with a new puppy, so we wanted to offer this information as a reference only.

   If you’re one of our new owners and need further help, then either call us or e-mail us at awesomecollie2011@gmail.com anytime and leave your name and the puppy’s name. If you’re just visiting us and want to ask a question, we’ll answer the best as we’re able by e-mail. Please do not leave a reply on this site. We get an overwhelming amount of spam and it is hard to distinguish what messages are actually genuine.

      This section has to deal with items to consider should you choose to Adopt and Older Dog. We wish to state that this is only our opinion and we want to inform potential new owners of precautions to consider whether you purchase from us or not.

Again, Thank You for visiting us at Awesomecollies.com.


Adopting Older Dogs:

As a breeder, we do not deter Adoption but recommend this approach for the trained dog owner only and this is under advisement because of the many potential behavioral risks and/or dangers.

Two of the more common problems we’ve experienced with taking in older dogs over the years would be food aggression and the problem with picking up a shovel or rake while in the yard.

When Adopting an older dog, (it is through our experience), the first task is to change the dog’s name. It will give him/her a new identity and allow him/her to start anew mentally and free from the problems that got them where they are now.

Old dogs can learn new tricks and commands.

For adopted older dogs, did the Breeder, Agency, or Owner have children and if not, was there any socialization with small children and to what extent and how much?

Be wary of the idea of explaining away a behavior that you’re not able to handle. Or even worse, their marketing of the dog as something without full disclosure.

Never leave a newly acquired older dog unattended with children regardless of what you been told.

Can the dog intermingle with other dogs successfully?

It is Vet recommended that you isolate the new dog from your other dogs for the first two weeks. Do not intermingle until your Vet can determine that there is nothing contagious or transferable that could put your other dogs at risk. this also reduces dominating confrontations.

How much is known of his/her background? Not all dogs are surrendered because of economics.

Try to understand the Breed genetics beforehand.

Be wary of breed identifications in mixed dogs.

 These items are not to scare off the potential Adoption but we have personally been subjected to these methods and  behaviors and we recommend their considerations.   


      We hope these points of interest help you in your future. Some are fact and some are our opinion but if you’re in doubt we recommend consulting your Veterinarian. Periodically, we update this list as people ask questions, so feel free to check with us occasionally.

Thank You again for visiting us at Awesomecollies.com.

We want to help you to have a companion… for a lifetime.

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Water-Proof Dog Leads

Nylon Water-Proof Leads are essential in any environment

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Advanced Training in Service, SARS, and Conservation

We are expanding our services to include training our dogs as well as surrendered/shelter dogs for work and obedience. Look for our upcoming sister site dedicated to this venture.

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