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     Thank You for visiting Awesomecollies.com. We devoted this section for our new pet owners and others who could use this information to help with their purchase and training of the new family member. There is a great deal of information with a new puppy, so we wanted to offer this information as a reference only.

  If you’re one of our new owners and need further help, then either call us or e-mail us at awesomecollie2011@gmail.com anytime and leave your name and the puppy’s name. If you’re just visiting us and want to ask a question, we’ll answer the best as we’re able by e-mail. Please do not leave a reply on this site. We get an overwhelming amount of spam and it is hard to distinguish what messages are actually genuine.

      This section has to deal with Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs and we wish to state that this is only our opinion and we want to inform potential new owners of precautions to consider whether you purchase from us or not.

Again, Thank You for visiting us at Awesomecollies.com.

Please note that this page is still under construction as we will be applying both State and Federal Statutes to this page. In North Carolina you can call the Dept. of Health and Human Services for free brochures.

Service Dogs:

We occasionally get requests for information and the confusion associated with Service Dogs.

Therapy and Companion dogs are not Service Dogs. Therapy and companion dogs cannot go into public areas that Service Dogs are allowed (Restaurants, Grocery stores, Doctor Offices, Government offices, schools, or any type of Business that has public access, etc.).

Therapy and Companion dogs must have an agreement and prior approval before entering these premises.

Service Dogs are federally protected by the ADA and cannot be asked to leave for any reason in any public area unless they are a nuisance (unnecessarily noisy, physically bothering patrons or are filthy).

You cannot be subjected to forced isolation or special seating because of a Service dog.

The ADA (American Disabilities Act) does not require Service Dogs to be registered but certain states offer this as a service; for instance North Carolina. We recommend registration with the NC Department of Human and Health Services for ease of access.

Businesses, by law, cannot ask what your disability is but can ask what service the dog offers.

Service dogs do not have to be leashed if there is a mobility problem for the owner. They must however remain with the owner always; unless there is a emergency.

By law in North Carolina, service vests are only required when the dog is in training.

Any kind of dog can be a Service dog and must be spayed or neutered.

The Service dog must be fully vaccinated and should have records in the event there is a problem. The records do not have to accompany the dog in public.

We do not recommend letting people touch your Service dog due to transferable viruses, colds, dog diseases, etc. This also distracts the dog from concentrating on his/her owner when working.

Service Dogs can go anywhere there is public access (except operating surgical rooms). If you are denied “right of access” we suggest contacting your local Police, get a report, and then contact the U.S. Dept. of Justice. The first fine is 75,000 dollars  and the second violation is 150,000 for the business itself. If you contact a corporate office in the big chain stores they will respond almost immediately and make every effort to remedy the problem.

When speaking with a business in a complaint and you are legally disabled, the terms “protected class member of the ADA” and “denied right of access” will be the legal terminology that the corporate lawyers do not want to hear.

You cannot be isolated from the general public because you have a Service Dog.

Expect to find that a lot of businesses do not understand the statutes surrounding Service dogs and what your rights are concerning this law. You will find opposition. The NC Dept of Health and Human Services is currently working on educating the public as of 2013 for better public interests but they will not intervene on your behalf or that of the business in question. This will be a Federal matter.

Physical harm to a Service dog from any source is a Class 1 Felony in the state of North Carolina.

For a direct source of information visit: www.ada.gov/svcanimb.htm

Dogs whose sole function is to provide emotional support or comfort are not considered Service animals by the ADA.

There are Federal cases of precedent that allow PitBulls to be Service Dogs. PitBulls  and Rottweilers can be Service Dogs and cannot be denied in any rental home.


Therapy Dogs:

There are two defining distinctions between a Therapy Dog and a Service Dog:

1) A Therapy Dog is trained to work/socialize with the public and a Service Dog is trained to work with only one individual in a specific capacity.
2) A Therapy Dog must have permission to work in an establishment and, by Federal Law, a Service Dog cannot be denied entry where there is Public access of any kind.

Dogs whose sole function is provide emotional support or comfort are not considered Service animals by the ADA.

There is no requirements for Therapy Dogs except they must be maintained and have good hygene much like a Service Dog. (cleanliness, current on vaccinations, good manners, etc.).

Therapy Dogs should have all their documentation on hand during visitations. Service Dogs should have records but are not required for viewing when in public.

A Therapy dog loves to be hugged and petted and thrives in this environment. A Service Dog should not be handled by the public because distraction could be detrimental to the person who depends on this dog’s undivided attention.


        We hope these points of interest help you in your future. Some are fact and some are our opinion but if you’re in doubt we recommend consulting your Veterinarian or in the case of Service Dogs we recommend contacting the Dept. of Health and Human Services. Periodically, we update this list as people ask questions, so feel free to check with us occasionally.

Thank You again for visiting us at Awesomecollies.com.

We want to help you to have a companion… for a lifetime.

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