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       Thank You for visiting Awesomecollies.com. We devoted this section for our new pet owners and others who could use this information to help with their purchase and training of the new family member. There is a great deal of information with a new puppy, so we wanted to offer this information as a reference only.

   If you’re one of our new owners and need further help, then either call us or e-mail us at awesomecollie2011@gmail.com anytime and leave your name and the puppy’s name. If you’re just visiting us and want to ask a question, we’ll answer the best as we’re able by e-mail. Please do not leave a reply on this site. We get an overwhelming amount of spam and it is hard to distinguish what messages are actually genuine.

      This section has to deal with Breed Specifics that apply to the Border Collie and Rottweilers. We wish to state that this is only our opinion and we want to inform potential new owners of precautions to consider whether you purchase from us or not.

Again, Thank You for visiting us at Awesomecollies.com.


 Breed specific:

Border Collies are extremely obedient and highly intelligent. They don’t like to be harshly disciplined, so be careful how you approach this part of training.

Because a Border Collie can be a workaholic. It is easier to teach a Border Collie 10 new things than to break one bad habit. Try to be wary of their activities while unsupervised, as a precaution.

Border Collies were bred to work on their own at times. They were expected to hear the owner over great distances, so their hearing is sensitive. Be wary of the fact that they might not react well to loud noises within a close proximity.

Border Collies tend to be apprehensive when meeting new people.

The higher and more curled the tail on a Border Collie, the more intense is their activity and the intent of the dog.  A dropped, relaxed tail is a sign of a relaxed dog.

Border Collies might “nip’ the back of the leg on small children running. This is an herding instinct and they can be easily redirected with training.

Border Collies are from the herding/working dog group. They are high energy dogs and need an outlet for running and exercise.

Retractable leashes are best for Border Collies.

We can’t speak for all Border Collies but most of ours will not go to the bathroom on a leash. Or let you watch them. We take ours to an isolated spot and keep an eye on them when traveling or in new areas.

We do not recommend that Border Collies be chained at all. A kennel is best if necessary. The limited circular movement will affect them poorly in many ways. Allow them to think and move on their own.

We have had questions about hip-dysplasia in Border Collies or eye abnormalities. This is predominantly found in larger breeds such as the “Lassie” Collie. Many Vets will say that having certifications done on the Border Collie is a waste of money, unless he/she is in it for the billing.

We do not recommend that Rottweilers be chained at all. The constant restraint and pulling makes them aggressive and disobedient due to frustration.

Short leashes with Brass, Stainless, or forged steel clips are best for Rottweilers. Chrome plated clips can bend or break under pressure or with the sudden pulling associated with their weight and brawn should they dart or lunge. We experienced this ourselves with a six month old puppy.

A pronged collar works extremely well with a dog that insists on pulling while on leashes. For us, it works as if  having power steering and will prevent injury to the owner.

Rottweilers grow extremely fast during the first year and a half. Their bones and joints need protection and extra nutrients not found in corn-laden dog food or a dog food low in protein and fat. We recommend consulting your Veterinarian.

Some Rottweilers do not like sudden, quick movements or small vehicles (Golf carts, bicycles, skateboards, joggers, children darting, etc).

If able, we recommend teaching Rottweilers commands other than English or Spanish. Again, people will steal them when possible.

We highly caution against people who might feel the need to sneak up behind a Rottweiler; family or otherwise.

It is our belief that Rottweilers are color blind. Be wary of friends or strangers of a different ethnicity who may decide to approach your property in your absence.

Rottweilers are very protective of their home and family. As an example of difference, a Great Pyrenees or a Pitbull is or would be territorial whereas, the Rottweiler is protective.

Always keep a night light on at night if the Rottweiler is in the home. Always speak their name when moving through the house when it is dark.

We found “clicker” training highly effective for Rottweilers in the early stages.

A Rottweiler is extremely loyal to the family but will attach to one household member in particular and will obey that person above the others.

Rottweilers are from the working dog group. They need exercise but not excessive amounts.

A cheap dog food with a lot of corn will give a Rottweiler a great deal of flatulence. Try to provide a dog food with a well balanced diet of protein, fat, and dairy.

Fast food and table scraps will also give the Rottweiler flatulence if they’re unaccustomed to the treat.

A female Rottweiler’s mood will change and make them irritable when in heat, at birth, and while nursing. We suggest that only the owner approach the female and her puppies for the first 2-3 weeks. Caution should be used when young children are present (their constant and sporadic movement is upsetting).

       We hope these points of interest help you in your future. Some are fact and some are our opinion but if you’re in doubt we recommend consulting your Veterinarian. Periodically, we update this list as people ask questions, so feel free to check with us occasionally.

Thank You again for visiting us at Awesomecollies.com.

We want to help you to have a companion… for a lifetime.

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