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We are supporters of canines4conservation on facebook. They are an organization dedicated to working with the U.S. Dept. of Interior and VA. Dept. of Forestry in saving varied endangered species of nature. We encourage you to take a view of their work.


Dog Pulling Harnesses

Leather and Nylon Dog Pulling Harnesses

For an excellent source and selection of Harnesses, Specialty Harnesses, Training equipment and informative links we use:



Currently, “Miya” will not be bred until the Winter of 2017.

We only offer Full Registrations (not limited). For more info, please visit our Helpful Hints page.

“Miya and Dozer” are CKC registered and both have German and Yugoslavian lineages.

We do not cut and paste pictures from the internet and pass off as our own.

We do not chain our dogs but use kennels and fenced areas only. All of our Rottweilers are indoor/outdoor dogs and are command trained for specific tasks.

We do not and cannot consciously keep dogs for breeding purposes only. 

PayPal is accepted.

“Miya” is 3 years of age and “Dozer” is 5 years old and are on Trifexis and are kept current on vaccinations.

There are Von Sederhaus, Von Hause Nuebrand, Von Huffstetler and other names that are found in Miya’s and Dozer’s lineages.

We will update pictures soon.

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We will gladly accept PayPal. Our email is awesomecollies2011@


Water-Proof Dog Leads

Nylon Water-Proof Leads are essential in any environment

For an superb source of quality leashes and specialty leashes at competitive prices not found locally visit:


Advanced Training in Service, SARS, and Conservation

We are expanding our services to include training our dogs as well as surrendered/shelter dogs for work and obedience. Look for our upcoming sister site dedicated to this venture.

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